• Resolution Indoor Fixed LED Screen Display Perfect for 4m~65m Viewing Distance
Resolution Indoor Fixed LED Screen Display Perfect for 4m~65m Viewing Distance

Resolution Indoor Fixed LED Screen Display Perfect for 4m~65m Viewing Distance

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: DisplayLabs
Certification: CE/ROHS

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: carton packing / wooden packing
Delivery Time: 2-3weeks
Payment Terms: EXW, , T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100㎡/month
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Detail Information

Application: Outdoor Nonwaterproof Unit Board Size: 256X128㎜
Luminous Point Color Distance: 1R1G1B Brightness: 1000-1200 Nits
Pitch: 4mm Density: 62500 Dot/㎡
Life Span: 75000~100000 Hours Cabinet Resolution: 128 X 128 Pixels

Product Description

Product Description:

The Indoor Fixed LED Screen is an exemplar of modern display technology, meticulously crafted to deliver unmatched visual performance for an array of indoor applications. With its impeccable resolution and brightness, it stands as a testament to the evolution of the led wall screen, bringing vibrant and dynamic content to life. Whether it's for a shopping mall, corporate lobby, control room, or broadcast studio, this LED screen is designed to meet the rigorous demands of any indoor environment, providing viewers with an immersive visual experience.

At the heart of the product is a high-density, 128 X 128 Pixels cabinet resolution. The individual LEDs are arranged meticulously to create a seamless and continuous image, free of gaps and distortions. This high resolution ensures that even the most detailed images are presented with clarity and precision, making it perfect for high-definition video and graphics display. The led screen display's sharpness and detail are maintained over a wide range of viewing distances, from the optimal 4 meters to an impressive 65 meters, accommodating various indoor spaces and audience sizes.

The Indoor Fixed LED Screen boasts an exceptional brightness level of 1000-1200 nits. This luminance ensures that the images and videos displayed are vivid and clear, with colors that pop and draw the eye, even in well-lit indoor environments. The luminosity of the screen can be adjusted to fit the ambient lighting conditions, ensuring the display remains comfortable to look at, without any loss of impact or appeal. This feature makes it an ideal choice not just for indoor venues but also for led screen outdoor settings where lighting conditions may vary.

Viewers can enjoy a broad viewing angle of ≧160° Optional, which guarantees that the content is visible from various vantage points without any color shift or loss of quality. This feature makes the Indoor Fixed LED Screen exceptionally versatile for public spaces, where viewers may be situated at different angles from the screen. The wide viewing angle is crucial for ensuring all members of an audience, regardless of their position, receive the same high-quality experience.

The LED screen boasts an impressive density of 62500 Dot/㎡, which contributes to the sharpness and clarity of the display. The high pixel density allows for intricate detail and smooth gradients, which are essential for creating realistic images and engaging content. This dense pixel arrangement also facilitates the screen's ability to display crisp text and intricate graphics, making it an excellent tool for communication and advertising.

The best viewing distance for this product ranges from 4m to 65m, making it a flexible solution that can be tailored to different indoor environments and applications. Whether the screen is being viewed up close in a retail setting or from afar in a large conference hall, the display maintains its integrity and impact. This versatility ensures that the Indoor Fixed LED Screen can cater to a wide array of content types and viewing scenarios, solidifying its role as a top-tier option for any location in need of a high-quality led screen display.

In conclusion, the Indoor Fixed LED Screen embodies the pinnacle of LED display technology, offering a brilliant, high-resolution, and versatile solution for any indoor setting. Its combination of cabinet resolution, brightness, wide viewing angle, high density, and optimal viewing distance positions it as an essential fixture for any business or organization looking to make a significant visual impact. This LED screen is not only a remarkable display device but also a strategic investment in your ability to communicate and engage with audiences effectively, whether indoors or out in the open.



  • Product Name: outdoor Fixed LED Screen
  • Unit box size: 256X128㎜
  • Cabinet Resolution: 128 X 128 Pixels
  • Best viewing distance: 4m~65m
  • Brightness: 1000-1200 Nits
  • Pixel Configuration: SMD2121
  • Pixel out-of-control rate <0.0002 pieces
  • 16 levels adjustable
  • Capable of withstanding outdoor conditions with its robust design for led screen outdoor use

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameter Specification
Pixel Configuration SMD2121
Refresh Frequency ≥1920Hz
Brightness 1000-1200 Nits
Density 62500 Dot/㎡
Life Time ≥75000-100,000 Hours
Application Indoor Nonwaterproof
Unit Box Size 256X128㎜
Pitch 4mm
White Balance Brightness ≧5000cd/㎡
Cabinet Resolution 128 X 128 Pixels


The DisplayLabs Indoor Fixed LED Screen, originating from China, is a premier product designed to meet various indoor visual display requirements. With a meticulous certification process that includes CE and ROHS, this LED screen assures quality and reliability. Suitable for a minimum order quantity of just one, the DisplayLabs LED screen offers flexible procurement options, with a negotiable price point to accommodate different budgetary considerations.

Concerning packaging, the DisplayLabs Indoor Fixed LED Screen is securely packed using carton or wooden packing, ensuring its safe transportation and delivery. The estimated delivery time is 2-3 weeks from the date of order confirmation, with EXW (Ex Works) being the stipulated payment term. This approach offers a convenient transaction process for clients, providing clarity and ease in logistics. The supply ability of DisplayLabs stands at an impressive 100㎡ per month, illustrating their capacity to handle both small and large-scale projects with ease.

One of the standout attributes of the DisplayLabs Indoor Fixed LED Screen is its extensive life span, boasting ≥75000-100,000 hours of operation. This longevity ensures that clients receive a product that offers sustained performance and durability, representing a wise investment for any indoor application. The pixel configuration of this LED screen is set at SMD2121, with a high density of 62500 Dot/㎡, offering sharp, clear images and vibrant display quality. Furthermore, the unit box size is conveniently designed at 512×512㎜, facilitating easy installation and maintenance.

While the DisplayLabs Indoor Fixed LED Screen is primarily intended for indoor settings, its high white balance brightness of ≧5000cd/㎡ makes it versatile enough to perform in scenarios where ambient light is a consideration. This feature also allows the LED screen to maintain visibility and impact, akin to an led screen outdoor, thus broadening its application scope. The remarkable display quality makes it an ideal choice for environments such as shopping malls, airports, museums, corporate lobbies, and conference rooms, where an led screen display serves as a focal point for information dissemination or advertising.

The DisplayLabs Indoor Fixed LED Screen can also create an immersive atmosphere in entertainment venues or be utilized as an led wall screen in exhibitions, creating an engaging backdrop or centerpiece. The screen's ability to deliver crisp visuals and rich colors ensures that it captures the attention of the audience, making it an effective tool for branding, presentations, and visual storytelling. Whether for advertising, information sharing, or creating an ambiance, the DisplayLabs LED screen is tailored to enhance any indoor space with its state-of-the-art display technology.



Brand Name: DisplayLabs

Place of Origin: China

Certification: CE/ROHS

Minimum Order Quantity: 1

Price: negotiable

Packaging Details: carton packing / wooden packing

Delivery Time: 2-3weeks

Payment Terms: EXW

Supply Ability: 100㎡/month

Density: 62500 Dot/㎡

Brightness: 1000-1200 Nits

Best viewing distance: 4m~65m

Refresh Frequency: ≥1920Hz

Life Time: ≥75000-100,000 Hours

Discover high-quality visual solutions with DisplayLabs indoor fixed LED screen. Perfectly suitable as an LED wall for diverse indoor environments or as a vibrant led screen outdoor display for events and advertising with clear visibility from 4m to 65m. Experience uncompromised performance and longevity, ensuring your message stands out day and night.


Support and Services:

Our Indoor Fixed LED Screen comes with comprehensive technical support and services to ensure your product is always operating at its best. Our support includes a detailed user manual, easy-to-follow installation guides, and helpful troubleshooting tips. In addition, we offer regular firmware updates to enhance product functionality and extend its lifespan. Our dedicated service team is committed to providing solutions to any technical issues that may arise, ensuring minimal downtime for your display. Please note that specific services may vary by region and are subject to our terms and conditions.

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